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Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture: Systems Research Helping to Meet the Needs and Managing the Trade-offs of A Changing World

Global demand for food is projected to double by 2050 as driven by the ever-growing population, people’s changes in diet, and an increasing demand for fiber and energy. The challenge of sustainably meeting these demands is receiving increasing attention in the media, by policy, in the scientific community, and among the general public. Clearly the way forward is to increase production on nearly the same area of land through the sustainable intensification of agriculture. We understand by the sustainable intensification of agriculture, the application of farming systems designs i.e. practices, tactics, and strategies, that (i) increase production using the same or fewer resources i.e. land, water, labor; (ii) improve profitability with reduced risk; and (iii) eliminate or minimize negative impacts on the environment and communities. Clearly systems research approaches to farming that produce economic, environmental and social outcomes have an important role to play.
The Farming Systems Design Symposia commenced with the objectives of providing opportunity to integrate knowledge across disciplines targeted at farming system analysis, design and innovation, to compare quantitative and qualitative approaches, and to identify the available operational tools and the future research priorities for this community of inquiry. The 2013 FSD symposium will take place in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, the People’s Republic of China, following three successful meetings in Catania, Sicily, Italy in 2007; Monterey, California, USA in 2009; and Brisbane, Australia in 2011.
Lanzhouners warmly welcome you all !

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